Your hospital admission will be arranged by your doctor who will inform you of the day and time you need to come to the hospital. You will be given the option of completing your admission documentation on-line or manually by completing our Pre-Admission Booklet

Manual Completion of Pre-Admission Booklet

Your Surgeon will provide you with our Pre-admission booklet. This booklet contains all the necessary documents you are required to fill in prior to your admission day.

This includes:

  • +Administrative Information
  • +Consent Form to be signed by yourself and your medical practitioner
  • +Health Questionnaire

Pre Admission Booklet
Please take the booklet home and read it carefully, following the simple set of instructions. Once completed, please post the booklet to the following address.

Admissions Officer
Colin Street Day Hospital
51 Colin Street

Should your admission date not allow enough time for us to receive this information via post, please ensure you hand the completed booklet to reception staff on your admission day.

Please note – it is very important that we receive your information promptly. This allows us time to check your eligibility for admission from your health fund and allows time to properly assess your needs prior to the procedure.


General Anaesthetic/ IV Sedation

The aim of this service

  • + To improve patient satisfaction by preparing, educating and assessing patients for their surgery in a relaxed and timely manner
  • + To commence discharge planning and after care as soon as possible, alleviating any   concerns you might have with regards to going home.

Information discussed includes:

  • + Your suitability for day surgery
  • + Your medical history, allergies & medications
  • + Fasting times
  • + Advise on what to bring into the facility
  • + Discuss expectations
  • + Post-operative care & pain management
  • + Approx admission time and discharge time
  • + Make sure you have arranged for a carer for the first 24hrs post procedure.
  • + Mode of transport home
  • + How to find the facility and parking

This service also provides you with an opportunity to ask any questions you might have with regards to your stay at Colin Street Day Hospital.

Local Anaesthetic
Our Admission Nurse will assess your health questionnaire prior to your admission and only contact you prior admission if required. Otherwise the nurse will conduct a thorough assessment & answer any questions you might have on admission.

An interpreter service is available. Please inform reception staff should you require this service prior to your admission. Fees may apply.

On-line Admissions

This is a very easy process. Your surgeon’s practice manager will provide you with an instruction leaflet. Please complete your on-line admission at least 72hrs prior to your procedure. This will allow time for Staff to complete the clerical admission process in time for your procedure.

    • Go to and click on the “On-line Admission” tab located top right hand corner of the web page.
    • If you are a new user, you will be asked to create an account by providing your name, email address and a password. Please keep this password safe as you can use the same password should you ever need to return to CSDS for surgery at a later date.
    • Answer all mandatory questions or you will not be able to submit the forms on line
    • Should you have medication charts or extensive medical /surgical history records, these can be uploaded by following the prompts before finally submitting your forms on completion.
  • If you have been handed your Consent for Procedure Form, please mail, fax or scan it to Colin Street Day Surgery allowing at least 48 hours prior to your admission day. If this is not possible, notify Reception on 9321 4256 and hand in the original form on the day of your admission.

https://On-line Admissions


On the day of admission, please bring the following:

  • + All forms, letters and requests from your doctor
  • + Bring in any usual medication if you are required to take during your stay
  • + Relevant X-rays and CAT Scans
  • + Health fund details if not already provided
  • + Medicare or Pension Cards may be required

What to leave at home…

  • + Please leave all your valuables at home
  • + Please do not bring in large sums of cash

Colin Street Day Surgery does not accept responsibility for lost valuables


  • + Shower before admission
  • + Keep make-up and jewellery to a minimum
  • + Children can bring in favorite toys and pajamas

Please arrive at your appointed time. On arrival you will be greeted by reception staff that will complete your clerical admission.

Patients undergoing a General Anaesthetic or IV sedation will be asked to change into a theatre gown, placing all belongings into a secured locker. The admissions nurse will complete your clinical admission, ensure you are having the correct procedure, ensure you have fasted correctly, check your vital signs & weigh you. The anaesthetist will then assess you prior to being escorted to theatre for your surgery.

The Admissions nurse will complete your clinical admission, ensure you are having the correct procedure and answer any further questions you might have. You may be required to have a skin assessment if having lesions removed. You may remain in your clothes unless the nature of your surgery requires you to put a theatre gown on. Normally it is not necessary to have your vital signs taken nor is it required that you fast.

Every effort will be made to ensure your waiting time is kept to a minimum, however magazines, newspapers and a TV is available.


General Anaesthetic / IV Sedation
After your procedure, you will be closely monitored by a nurse in recovery until you are fully recovered. This may take between 1 – 4hrs depending on what procedure you have had and how you respond to an anaesthetic. When you have recovered, you will be offered some light refreshments and prepared for your return home.

Patients receiving a local anaesthetic are free to return home immediately post procedure, however you may prefer some refreshments prior to your departure.


Discharge Instructions
On discharge your nurse will provide you with the following information;

  • + Written discharge instructions on pain management, wound care, driving etc
  • + Prescriptions for medicines and associated medication information leaflet if prescribed by your doctor
  • + Follow-up appointment
  • + Sick Leave Certificate if required
  • + Emergency contact details

In some circumstances you will be offered a Follow-Up Call within 24hrs of discharge to ensure you are proceeding with a safe and speedy recovery.

General Anaesthetic/ IV Sedation
It is essential that you arrange for someone to drive you home and remain with you for at least 24hrs post discharge. DO NOT DRIVE FOR 24HRS.

Local Anaesthetic
We also recommend that patients undergoing a local anaesthetic procedure have someone drive you home if possible

Please read the following information carefully

Private Health Insurance
Colin Street Day Surgery has agreements with the majority of private health funds to cover your hospital admission. Depending on your level of cover, generally there is no gap for day surgery procedures. However, some levels of cover will require you to pay an excess on admission. In the event your health insurer rejects the claim post procedure, you will be responsible for full payment.


General Anaesthetic
Your account for your day procedure will include your accommodation and theatre fees and any other chargeable items in accordance with Colin Street Day Surgery’s agreement with your health fund. On admission, you will be asked to sign a health insurance claim form. We will submit this claim form directly to your health fund on your behalf. You will also be required to sign an Informed Financial Consent Form. (see below). Any out of pocket expenses not covered by your health fund or any excesses must be paid on the day of admission.

Local Anaesthetic
Your account for your day procedure includes your theatre fee and any other chargeable items in accordance with Colin Street Day Surgery’s agreement with your health fund. On admission, you will be asked to sign a health insurance claim form. We will submit this claim form directly to your health fund on your behalf. You will also be required to sign an Informed Financial Consent Form.(see below)

Self Insured Patients
If you do not have private cover with a health fund, you will be required to pay an estimate of the total amount of the hospital account on admission. While every effort will be made to provide an accurate account of the expenses you may incur, additional costs are sometimes incurred due to the length of the procedure or changes to the proposed procedure.

Department of Veteran Affairs Entitled Persons
Colin Street Day Hospital is able to provide services to entitled persons without the need for your doctor to obtain prior financial authorization. All accounts are sent directly to DVA and all information regarding your fees will be documented and provided to you on our Informed Financial Consent.

Informed Financial Consent
On admission you will be required to read and sign an Informed Financial Consent Form. This form outlines any excess and or expenses you are required to pay on admission. It is the responsibility of the person paying the account to read the information on this form carefully. Once you have signed the form, you have acknowledged acceptance of these terms.

Payment for your procedure must be made prior to or on the day of your procedure. Colin Street Day Surgery accepts payment by the following methods

  • + Eftpos
  • + Mastercard
  • + Visa
  • + Bank cheque
  • + Cash

Unfortunately we are not able to accept American Express, Diner Cards or persona/business cheques.

Please read the following information carefully.

Colin Street Day Hospital will provide you with an estimate of your hospital costs either prior to your admission day or on the day of your procedure.

When you indicate your acceptance of the Informed Financial Consent Terms, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the matters listed below which are conditions of admission. If another person ( for example a spouse or family member) is responsible for payment of the account, then they too should read this document before accepting the terms outlined in the Informed Financial Consent.

A. Actual Expense incurred may differ from the estimate provided.

Whilst every effort has been made to provide an accurate estimate of the expenses you may incur, the estimate may vary. A variation to the estimate of costs provided by the hospital may be due to specific terms of your private health insurance policy: –

For example:-

  • + The hospital relies on formation provided by your health fund which may change.
  • + Your treating doctor may vary the proposed procedure / item numbers.
  • + The health fund may perceive your procedure as potentially cosmetic in nature, thus making you potentially responsible for payment. This can occur after the health fund has approved your procedure and the surgeon has conducted the surgery. CSDS Reception Staff will make every effort to advise you if this could be the case with your procedure.
  • + When a prosthesis (an implanted medical device) is required for your treatment, most devices are fully covered by your health fund. However, based on your specific clinical need, your doctor may recommend a device that requires a gap payment by you. Your doctor will generally advise you if this is the case, however, if unforeseen circumstance should arise during the procedure it may be necessary for your doctor to use a different prosthetic device without prior notice to you. If this happens, there may be additional costs to you.
  • + Uninsured patients will be fully liable for the cost of their prosthesis /implanted medical device and payment is required on the day of surgery.

B. You agree to pay any balance of expenses actually incurred

Your final account will reflect:-

  • + The actual procedure performed
  • + Accommodation cost
  • + Medications (generally only if uninsured)
  • + Fee for incidentals (generally only if uninsured)
  • + Excesses
  • + Any balance payable by you

As noted in the section entitled “Estimate of Patient Expenses”, actual costs that are known and advised prior to your admission are payable before or on the day of admission and any additional costs are payable on discharge.

As a condition of admission, once you have indicated your acceptance of these terms, you will be taken to have agreed to pay your final account. If you have genuine concerns, or a bona fide dispute regarding the final account (for example you did not receive a service or item listed) you agree to raise this with hospital reception staff as soon as possible after receiving the account and to use your best efforts to resolve any dispute at the time of discharge or within 7 days of discharge.

C. You must pay the full amount or any outstanding balance if your insurer (or other payer) does not cover the cost of treatment

If the rates charged by CSDS are higher than the reimbursement paid by your health fund / insurance company / Medicare / Workers Compensation insurer, you are responsible for paying the balance of the hospital’s rates. If for any reason health insurance benefits do not apply to your procedure post procedure e.g., the health fund now deems your procedure cosmetic in nature or if there is no medical reason to support your procedure, you must pay the charges that arise from your admission to the facility.

D. You are responsible for accounts from other providers

You are responsible for payment of other accounts you may receive, which may include:

  • + the treating surgeon
  • + the anaesthetist
  • + pathology services

Private Health Insured Patients: – should confirm with their health fund prior to admission

  • + Does my policy cover me for this procedure, ask for written proof from your health fund quoting the MBS item numbers given to you by your doctor;
  • + Do I have an “excess” on my policy
  • + Does my policy have exclusions or restrictions for treatment e.g. plastic reconstructive procedures

Self or Uninsured Patients:-

  • + Total payment for your procedure must be paid on admission. Payment can be made by Eftpos, Visa, MasterCard or bank cheque.

Workers Compensation / Workcover: –

  • + A claim must be lodged and accepted with your employer’s insurer prior to admission. CSDS requires written approval and a claim number from the insurer before your procedure can be performed at this facility. If this is not received, you will be responsible for payment on admission and then seek expenses back from your employer.

DVA: –

  • + Colin Street Day Surgery has a hospital provider agreement with DVA. Our Reception team will advise you if you have full cover or not.

If you have any questions with regards to your account, please contact Colin Street Day Hospital’s Admissions Officer on 08 9321 4256

Informed Financial Consent Brochure


As a patient of Colin Street Day Hospital you have the right to;

  • + Be treated with respect for your dignity, beliefs and right to privacy
  • + Expect high standards of care consistent with your needs
  • + An explanation of your procedure and its associated risks before giving consent
  • + The services of an interpreter if required ( fee may apply)
  • + Decline treatment after accepting responsibility for the consequences
  • + Have advice on how to make a complaint
  • + Be aware of all costs involved in your treatment
  • + Advice on care after discharge
  • + Access to your medical record if required

As a patient of Colin Street Day Hospital you have the responsibility to:

  • + Co-operate with staff during your treatment in order to aid your recovery
  • + Be open and frank about your medical history so as to ensure you receive the best care
  • + Accept the consequences of your own decisions on health matters
  • + Direct any criticisms of the facility to a staff member so that appropriate steps can be taken to remedy any problem (refer to the Complaints and Compliments Brochure)
  • + Respect the dignity of staff members, other patients & visitors and their right to a safe environment
  • + Be considerate in your arrangements with the day hospital
  • + Have respect for our relevant policies

CSDS Rights & Responsibilities Brochure
Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights Brochure

Colin Street Day Hospital is committed to ensuring that your personal information is professionally managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 2000 and all relevant state legislation.

Data required by law
We have a legal obligation to provide various data sets of information about our patients to the following entities:

  • + State Health Departments (all patients and all notifiable diseases)
  • + Private Hospitals Data Bureau (admitted patients only)
  • + Registrar General’s Office(births & deaths only)
  • + Hospital Case Mix Protocol (all admitted patients)

How we treat your information confidentially
Apart from the uses listed above or otherwise permitted under the Privacy Act, using or disclosing your personal information will be done only with your consent. In addition, your information will be disposed of confidentially, in line with accepted document disposal schedules.

How doe we keep your information stored?

  • + CSDS patient data system is password protected and backed up off site
  • + Your medical record and all other clinical information is stored in a secure area with restricted access
  • + Our Theatre Register is maintained by the Theatre Manager and is stored both electronically and in hard copy
  • + Pathology & Prosthesis Log books are kept in a secure room with restricted access. All books are kept for a minimum of 7 years

Your right to access your medical record
Under the Privacy Act of 2000, you generally have a right to access the information we hold about you.

How to apply for access?

  • + Contact the Colin Street Day Hospital CEO/DON to assist you with this process. Depending on what you require, you may be charged a fee for photocopies of documents & retrieval of information.
  • + Granting of access and provision of information may take up to 30 days

CSDS Privacy Brochure

Australian Privacy Act and Principles

Colin Street Day Hospital is committed to providing a high standard of care and service. We welcome your feedback both positive and negative as it enables us to improve and assess the care and service we deliver.

As our customer, you have the right to receive considerate and respectful treatment by all our staff. If you are concerned about any aspect of your treatment or care at Colin Street Day Hospital, there are several ways which you can inform us.

  • + CEO/DON or Theatre Manager is available to discuss your concerns in person. Please notify reception staff and they will arrange for you to meet with either person or alternatively you can leave your name and number and we will be happy to contact you.
  • + Compliment and Complaint Forms and envelopes are available near the patient notice board in reception. We welcome comments about what pleased or displeased you in regards to our services. If you require a response, please leave your name and address.
  • + A further option is to complete our on line Patient Satisfaction Survey

A member of the Colin Street Day Hospital Executive will aim to acknowledge all complaints within 24hrs of notification. All complaints will be investigated and appropriate action taken if required. You should then receive a response within 7 days.


Complaints and Compliments Information Brochure