Why choose to operate at Colin Street Day Surgery?

Here are just some of the benefits of operating at Colin Street Day Surgery:

  • + Competitive fee structure
  • + Productivity efficiencies
  • + Excellent patient outcomes
  • + Skilled Staff
  • + Flexible operating times and much, much more!

For further information please visit our surgeons website at

Accreditation for Visiting Medical Practitioners

Medical Practitioners who wish to operate at Colin Street Day Hospital will need to be accredited by the Colin Street Day Hospital Credentialing Committee. Requirements for accreditation are based on the National Credentialing Standard 2004.

To meet this Standard, the minimum documentation required is as follows;

  • + Completed application form
  • + Define scope of clinical practice
  • + Current Curriculum Vitae
  • + Copy of current Indemnity Insurance
  • + Medical Registration
  • + 2 Referees that have worked with you in a professional capacity and can support your application.

If you would like to apply for accreditation at Colin Street Day Hospital, the application form can be obtained from the download link below.

Any queries on accreditation should be directed to Marie Sheehan CEO/DON on (08) 9321 4256  or via email [email protected]

Upon completion of your application, please forward all correspondence to:
Colin Street Day Hospital
51 Colin Street
West Perth WA 6005


Doctor’s Accreditation Form
Doctor’s Re-appointment Application Form
Supervised Practitioner Application Form

CSDS Governing Body Charter
CSDS By Laws
VMO Vaccination Form